Gaming and Streaming Audio Interfaces

Engage your audience by capturing crystal-clear audio with our range of gaming and streaming audio interfaces.

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Gaming and streaming audio interfaces

Focusrite audio interfaces offer high-quality audio recording and playback for gamers, podcasters, and content creators. With low-latency performance, pristine sound, and user-friendly design, they provide a seamless connection between you, your microphone, and your computer. Our gaming and streaming interfaces are essential tools for achieving professional-grade audio in a compact and accessible package.

What is a streaming audio interface?

A streaming audio interface is a compact device that connects to a computer and facilitates high-quality audio input and output. It enables recording and playback of audio signals from microphones and speakers, allowing users to stream, record and sync audio with their video content.

What is a gaming audio interface?

A gaming audio interface is a device that enhances the audio experience for computer gamers. It provides features and audio settings to improve immersion and communication during gameplay, enhancing sound quality for recording audio while you game.