Millions of people, from professionals to enthusiasts, record with Focusrite audio interfaces every day. These humble red boxes empower creators with the ability to share their music with the world. The technical aspects of an audio interface, while incredibly important, are meant to disappear and allow the creator to shine.

Whatever you record, there are some basic principles of recording that always matter. At Focusrite, it’s our aim to design audio recording tools that enable you to apply these principles with no limitations. Focusrite Scarlett interfaces are designed to give you outstanding results, no matter your craft. We hope these articles will guide you on your creative journey and help you make your music, your way.

Getting started

Recording with Focusrite

Whatever you record, there are some basic principles of recording that always matter. These articles will guide you on your creative journey.

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Getting started

Choosing the best audio interface for your needs

Our expert articles will help guide you on how to choose the best audio interface to aid you on your music-making journey.

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Recording audio-over-IP

The shift to "in-the-box" workflows has reduced our reliance on analogue consoles. As a result the requirement for mic pres, monitoring control and cue mixes has moved to a combination of the DAW and the audio interface. However not everyone uses the same audio workstation software, with many adopting dedicated DSP options for mixing such as Pro Tools | HD™ while others use a Core Audio-based application such as Logic or Pro Tools software for tracking and composing tasks.

Our Red range offers the ultimate in digital conversion, remote-controlled mic pres and built-in monitor controls coupled with very low latency Pro Tools | HD™, Thunderbolt™ and Dante interface technology. With very low noise, low distortion and ultra-linear design, the Red Evolution mic pres will give extremely accurate representation of the original acoustic performance being recorded. Our low-latency, highly-reliable drivers provide seamless integration with many DAWs while the DigiLink Mini ports allow connection directly to Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | HD native and even older Pro Tools | HD TDM systems. The built-in Dante connectivity allows the easy addition of extra mic pres, analogue I/O or indeed the integration with an existing audio-over-IP network. Our RedNet range provides a modular approach to building up the interfacing and high-channel count needs within your facility, with each remote-controlled device dedicated to a specific I/O type, all interconnected using Dante.

Utilising the flexibility of audio-over-IP, the reliance on expensive, bulky analogue multicore is reduced, while additional recording spaces can be added anywhere there is a network connection. For shared facilities it's easy to have a set of mic pres in the common live room that can be routed to, and controlled from any control room. Additional mic pres can be easily added, while foldback can be provided to performers with a dedicated feed anywhere it's needed; just add Ethernet cable.

Flexible approach to interfacing

Use an all-in-one Red solution and augment it with additional network I/O, or build a fully modular, scalable RedNet network tailored to your needs.

Incorporate new recording spaces

Anywhere with a network connection becomes a potential new recording space.

Use existing infrastructure

Reduce installation times, cabling complexity and cost by using the existing network infrastructure.

Extensive compatibility

A wide range of connectivity options are available, including analogue, MADI, AES3, Mac, Windows, Pro Tools | HD and of course other Dante products.

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